Editorial 18th June 2018

Although our Bright Stars are not participating in the World Cup going on in Russia, there are some good goodies from Putin’s land. At the conclusion of the opening ceremony, the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) announced it would soon embark on the up-grading of three stadia in the country. This is a good sign for the development of sports across the country. One thing to be noted, sports has no tribe or ethnicity. It brings people together and makes them behave as a one people a one country. It goes with either the World Cup or the European footballs. There are teams being supported with people who might not even at one time be near their play-ground apart from following the teams on various communication channels including televisions. Now the focus is in Russia with each individual with his/her preferred team. Some people have made it a point not to eat or sleep until they know the fate of their team. In instances some fans have lost their lives because their teams lost the match. What FIFA is doing through the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) is to ensure the current and future generation gets well established sports play-ground which in itself is for exercise and fitness. The proposed program and project needs honest and transparent management for the benefit of the country. SSFA and Amin should ensure this so that any doubt is erased in the minds of the negative thinkers because in most cases such projects are equated with the “white elephant or the milk cow” which should be milked dry without being fed for more milk. SSFA under the current leadership should be thanked for having gone this far within a very short time in office. They have come up with sports development programs in almost all parts of the country. This is the only way forward to build one future generation for the country. SSFA may not please all but keep it up.


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