SSFA Concludes 3 Days FIFA Referees Assessor’s Workshop

By Kei Emmanuel Duku

Over   twenty Five referees drawn from the Local Football Association all over the country concluded a 3 Day Assessors referees’ course organized by South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) in conjunction Federation of International Football Association (FIFA). The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Ali Ahmed from Assessor referee from Somalia.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Mr. Martin William one of the referee said the aim of the workshop was to equip the Assessor Referee’s from South Sudan with the new changes to the laws of the game and prepare them to become match Commissioners.

“We learn a lot from the training especially the new laws and how to commission matches, these are some of the few and new thing we benefited with from the workshop” said William.

Meanwhile, the president of South Sudan Football Associations Mr. Francis Amin said the Association is in process to create the same opportunity by opening a training center to act as an academy at states level to train Youngers and enthusiastic referees, saying the target of SSFA is to improve the level of refereeing in South Sudan.

“In order to improve the quality of our referees we need to establish more training centers in the States and train more Young referees, so we (SSFA) is in the process of doing it” Amin added.

Early this month, FIFA conducted online training for more than thirty South Sudanese International Referees and the sixteen local football associations.

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