SSDPF-Out to tame NAS hit and run squad

The National Defence Force yesterday sent out a strong warning to National Salvation Front Forces (NAS) that they have been on the hit and run mission against the Government and the killings of innocent people in parts of the country.

SSPDF Spokesperson Maj. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang said they have sent out a no nonsense  message and said that time had come, that the Government will not sit back and watch NAS Forces continues to destroy the prevailing peace which had cost the  country a lot to achieve.

In an statement send to the media houses, Lul said that in literary words that those people have no based or headquarter but they only operates on hit and run tactics.

“National Salvation Front (NAS) don’t have permanent presence in Lobonok but engages in hit and run operations as well as illegal mining activities at Pay hills Gold Mine,” Lul said.

He stated that their continuous unprovoked attacks constitute unwarranted violation of Rome Declaration. 

He also reaffirm commitment of the government to the Rome Declaration but reserve to respond with a deadly force self-defense and that of civilians and their properties.

 Last week NAS has  claimed an  attack on Toyota land cruiser  pickup carrying Bodyguards of the  Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga  and that attack resulted into six fatalities and on  August 7th the same armed outlets claimed responsibility on the attack on Konyokonyo Gold mine in which nine innocent people lost their lives.

He added that the other attacks included ones in Kuda and Kajo-Keji County in all, NAS gave unjustifiable, illogical and inconsistent reasons for launching such unprovoked attack.

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