A foot for thought

Sports premises in the areas are important

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday the Ministry of Youth and Sports called for the immediate evacuation of sports premises by illegal occupation. It was a very important call from the Minister; I hope those who occupied sports premises in the areas within Juba must evacuate.

This is not the first time such a call was made in public places to those who occupied the premises. The question is what could happen to the spaces that had been used by churches, are those to be evacuated or it would remind for church.  Several people who occupied sports places are government officials at the same time are lawmakers, what would happen to them.  

In other areas, there are no places for children to play football or any kind of sports due to lack of premises. It is not only space for sports, but even other events in the areas also is not possible to be conducted due to lack of spaces.

 In case the government wants to address people in the area, there is no space.

People grabbed empty spaces for sports without knowing it’s important. For example in Kator, the only space for sports is near Saint Theresa Cathedral and Combine Secondary school, both belonging to Catholic Church. It was not grabbed because the administration of the church stands form.

Many players are practicing sports in that premises. The rest are occupied with buildings and churches. However, the Ministry of Youth and Sports should take this matter seriously so that there is space for sports in the areas.

These days sports becomes very important, it is uniting people in the country and bringing peace among people in various states.

Nevertheless, lack of premises in the areas has a negative impact on sports activities. Those who occupied sports premises should understand the importance of sports and leave the space in a peaceful manner.

  Taking into consideration the issue of sports in any area and space for other activities that could help people in the areas and a country at large.

May God bless us all.

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