The call by the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) to bring peace in the country through sports is timely and should be heeded to by those who love and wish for peace and tranquility in the country . It just take one to understand how and why sports can change one’s direction within a short period of time by only looking at the fun following one disciple. Sports have no tribe or ethnicity as it is a darling to the majority. Those following a discipline normally talk one language which is sports. The government and key players in this direction should not take it for granted but should find ways and means that sports was  extended to every corner of the country. In most developed countries, sports have taken the centre stage by bringing different communities into one formidable force of peace to reckon with when chatting out the future well-being of the nation. Youth should start practicing at tender age where all will be like brothers and sisters from one country. The sports discipline should be instilled in them so that they would remain steadfast in implementing the needed togetherness in sports. If every public and private institution were encouraged to come up with sports master plan to unite the country, they would be helping the government and public institutions advocating for peace to unite people and bring them together for one goal of development. It is high time the single mind of thinking on ethnic lines were erased from the common-man for the purposes of unity.

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