Sport for peace tournament kicks off in Magwi County

By Lodu William Odiya

Inter club Football tournament has kicked off on Tuesday to promote a peaceful co-existence among the youth inMagwiCounty.

The match was organized by Reconcile International (RI) with support from Lutheran World Federation (LWF) in collaboration with Magwi Payam Local Football Association (MPLFA).

Oketa Ben, An official fromMagwi Payam Local Football Association (MPLFA) said it was a good initiative for the Commissioner to accept the promotion of peace through sports.

“Bravo our commissioner for peace may God almighty father paves for you the way to the top government,” he said.

He added that the sport for Peace tournament was an important and the fact that the sport could do was to bridge so many barriers and promote peaceful co-existence among the youth and in the community at large.

“In situations of open or dormant conflict, sport can act as a connector between communities and people and hence, plays an important role in maintaining open channels of communication,” he said.

Mr. Chanwat Eddie Lawiri, one of the source who was at football ground however said that the match was so enjoyable ever since the beginning of the tournament.

“The tournament surpasses other tournaments that were organized in the name of peace promotion in Magwi County,”said Chanwat Edward Lawiri, a source in Magwi.

The game brought together various community members within and outside Magwi including church leaders, chiefs, musicians and the local government authorities.

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