SPLM Youth League pledges to uplift youth organizations


By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Chairperson of SPLM Youth League has pledged to support some youth initiatives in the country in order to develop and empower youth.

Emmanuel Lubari Joseph, the chairperson of the SPLM Youth League pledged the support last Thursday after discussions with Youth for Peace and Development (YPD) team.

YPD was formed to lobby and advocate for peaceful existence and sustainable development of youth.

Mr. Lubari said that youth were supposed to be elevated to become productive in order to develop their communities.

“Youth should put more efforts to ensure that they address the issues related to unemployment, idleness and making themselves fruitful,” Mr Lubari stated.

He said that the young people were energetic enough to build their capacities even with the limited resources for their activities.

“We have agreed to come up with some strategies on how best to support youth in order to become operative in their generated ideas. We need to do our best to make sure that youth organizations are raised,” Mr. Lubari said.

He added that idle youth in the town were to come up with how best they could be productive.

“We need youth who are staying idle to come up with some programmes to make them busy and productive. We need to engage ourselves,” the SPLM Youth League chairman said.

“Staying in the town without doing anything should be discouraged. So it is better to go to your respective villages than staying in town minus doing anything,” he stressed.

He appealed to the youth to involve themselves in agricultural programmes, creative activities and innovative programs to eradicate idleness.

Youth for Peace and Development (YPD) Executive Director Gak Abraham said that youth in the country were so creative and innovative given the challenging limited resources.

“Resources to raise and promote our activities as youth are limited. We have ideas that can transform our lives but the challenge is how we can best achieve our set goal,” Mr. Abraham said.

He added that the youth will cooperate with SPLM Youth League to work towards promoting youth activities.





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