SPLM ready to bring peace -Makueng

The SPLM Uganda Chapter members pose for group photo with Bol Makueng SPLM Secretary for External Affairs at South Sudan Embassy in Uganda on 16th June, 2018 (Photo by Martin Manyiel Wugol):

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Secretary for External Affairs Bol Makueng said his party was ever ready to bring peace to end the ongoing conflict in the country.

He urged the SPLM Uganda Chapter to transform the negative mindset of the world towards the SPLM led government. “Most people in the region and the entire world have been wrongly fed with negative propaganda to tear the great South Sudan’s ruling party apart.”

“They have deceived the international community through unfounded allegations just to set agenda of regime change which will never materialize because the supporters have hope and faith in SPLM party,” Makueng said.

He was addressing the party members in Kampala on Saturday.

Makueng said the party was committed to implementing its policy of thirty five percent for women and twenty percent for youth, adding that SPLM constitution talks about full empowerment and transformation of party members through training and mentorship.

He said they had embarked on training cadres to be well equipped to change the mindset of South Sudanese civil population because SPLM shall never run out of ideas.

“Regardless of political divide that exist in South Sudan the fact remains that SPLM has the  ability and capacity to lead the country out of this man made political crisis,” said Makueng who is  the SPLM Secretary for External Affairs in charge of chapters in Diaspora.

The Deputy Minister of Finance and Planning, Athian Ding Athian has urged South Sudanese students in Uganda to be committed to peace, adding that they were the true representatives of the government in Uganda.

David Amuor, the media attaché in South Sudan embassy in Uganda said the SPLM was ready to restore peace in the country.

He said the party has three dimensions, including the citizens; the party supporters as well as the army who fought so hard to ensure that the South Sudanese are freed from slavery and political marginalization by the Khartoum regimes.

Amour reiterated that nothing was impossible for the SPLM party to ensure that peace was attained in the country as it did in 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement.


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