SPLM not serious in bringing peace -UDF Chairman


Sabastiano Ochan, the Leader of United Democratic Front (UDF)

By Woja Emmanuel Wani

The leader of United Democratic Front (UDF) party has accused the ruling party- Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) of not doing enough to end the conflict.

“The SPLM is not committed to bring peace into South Sudan otherwise it would have brought the peace in just one day,” Mr. Sabastiano Ochan said while addressing journalists on Monday at the party’s head office in Juba Town.

The Chairman was making clarifications to the media about the two UDF parties; the United Democratic Forum and the United Democratic Front. He said the latter is his party while the former is for Bona Deng Lawrence.

Ochan said the truth has been contradicted by public. He said the SPLM leaders lost trust among themselves that was why the war erupted in the summer of 2013. He said nothing has been done to address the power wrangles within the SPLM party therefore South Sudan has lost dignity.

“I see no future for the progress of peace in the hands of the SPLM leadership,” Ochan added.

Ochan slammed the recent reunification of the SPLM leadership saying the leaders are still going astray and parallel by not fulfilling the main issues that can bring the conflict to an end. He said the reunification of the SPLM party will not yield fruits.

“There seems to be little progress in the peace process as the parties failed to agree on a number of issues. The church is still engaged in pursuing the parties to peace process to agree on the security and governance of the next transitional government,” he added.

On Sunday, the Former Detainees demanded that all political leaders step down to bring into an end the circle of violence sparked by power struggle.

Ochan stressed that if the current peace talks fail, the International Community and other mediating groups should take steps to maintain peace in the country even if it means handing over the new nation to the United Nations.

“We want peace. People are dying every day like flies. If this peace talks fail the IGAD, TROIKA and the UN should take over the country. We are tired of war,” Ochan reacted.

He however appealed to the parties to compromise and come back with peace saying South Sudanese are tired of getting endless agreements.

On Sunday the Chairman of South Sudan Civil Society Alliance Akuoch Ajuong said the parties must not go home without peace. He said the parties to the peace revitalization forum were in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to come home with peace since the people are suffering and dying of diseases. He said the parties must agree to come home with peace.

The Government Spokesperson Michael Makuei Lueth said the government compromised on a number of things including expansion of the government to accommodate the other political parties.

According to IGAD timetable, the peace talks should have ended yesterday. IGAD was yet to decide whether to extend the days for the talks or to suspend and reconvene it later.







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