SPLM-No discord in internal arrangement

By John Agok

The SPLM yesterday ruled out any descending voices in her internal arrangements terming them inconsequential and irregularity should such exist in “this one political camp”.

Michael Makuei Lueth, the government spokesperson said SPLM had resolved the issue of Taban Deng Gai’s group and anybody found complaining outside was wrong.

“We have yesterday resolved these issues of Taban Deng Gai’s group and anybody complaining outside this so far is an irregularity. These people are complaining within government of (ITGoNU). They are not complaining as outsiders but within the same political camp”, he said.

Lueth revealed that those who continue to call press conference and petition the President of the Republic on such matter are doing irregularity.

“Nevertheless, despite these irregularities by this group, we have already resolved their problem and other parties like IO and OPP have their shares allocated to them already”, he added.

Lueth admitted that, SPLM has represented Taban Deng Gai group in Warrap and Jonglei states respectively.

“We have resolved these sticking issues and they are represented in Warrap and Jonglei respectively and it is upon them to wait for other remaining states in ensuring representation”, he concluded.

Taban Deng Gai group on Wednesday brought to Juba Monitor a document petitioning the President for being left out of Central Equatoria State and other states formation.

They were appealing for President to consider all seats given to them in 2016 after the crisis. They need to be represented from local councils, state government and National Legislative Assembly.

The groups claimed that, they rescued the country from crisis of 2016 which deeply participated in peace process resulting to R-ARCSS.

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