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SPLM National Secretariat in Rumbek to resolves crisis

A high level delegation from the SPLM National Secretariat is in Rumbek to resolve the SPLM Constitutional crisis in Western Lakes state.

In an interview with Juba Monitor, Kuol Atem, SPLM Secretary for Political Affairs, also the head of the high level delegation said that they went to Rumbek to resolve the SPLM Political crisis between Governor Matur Chut Dhuol, who is the SPLM State Chairman, and former SPLM State Secretary, Chol Dut Ajieng.

“We are going to refer everything to the SPLM Constitution as the Bible to resolve the political crisis in Western Lakes state and anything irrelevant with SPLM Constitution will be immediately reversed by the state Chairman of SPLM,” said Kuol Atem.

The SPLM secretary for Political Affairs said that the high level delegation is comprised of four members from SPLM national secretariat and they will continue meeting with the SPLM members for 3-days before returning to Juba to resolve the issue.

Kuol said that the suspension or dismissal of the SPLM State Secretary who was not appointed by the state Chairman of SPLM is wrong, according to SPLM Constitution.

“According to SPLM Constitution, you dismissed the person that you appointed and you cannot suspend or dismiss a person appointed by another person,” said Atem.

He expressed hope that the crisis in the party in Rumbek will be solved “amicably and peacefully using the SPLM Constitution.”

The member of SPLM in Western Lakes state, Debora Ajak Mading also expressed hope that the SPLM National Secretariat will resolve the crisis, and create better environment between the SPLM State Chairman and his Secretary.

John Rok, SPLM Payam Secretary for Political Affairs in Western Lakes state is doubtful about reversal of the decision to replace county secretaries.

“The coming of the SPLM National Secretariat delegation task to resolve the political crisis in Western Lakes State between the Chairman and State Secretary will be a waste of time, energy and resources to fly from Juba to Rumbek,” Rok said.

“I am sure the state Chairman will never reverse his decision of suspending and appointing the state liberation council members and the SPLM County secretaries including their assistant secretaries; that is miraculous,” he added.

According to Rok, governor Chut has appointed his whole cabinet as SPLM Liberation Council members and some are appointed as Counties and assistance secretaries of SPLM in Western Lakes State.

“Our Chairman trust his cabinet only as true members of SPLM and that’s why he has appointed his entire cabinet as members of SPLM state liberation council to block other SPLM Cadres from getting promotion from being Payam secretaries at the state level,” Rok said.

He advised the SPLM National Secretariat Committee to cancel all the appointments made by the two State SPLM officials, and see whether there will be reverse move by the state Chairman in his appointment.

The SPLM Political crisis emerged in Western Lakes State recently after the SPLM State Secretary, comrade Chol Dut Ajieng promoted and appointed 8 SPLM County Secretaries under article 41 (J) after consulting their County constituencies which were later on nullified.

However, Kuol said that they are going to integrate the two appointments by the SPLM Chairman and his Secretary to come up with the official list of the SPLM state liberation Council members, County Secretaries and their assistants, saying it is a challenge that they are facing much as the meeting is going on well.

By Mabor Riak Magok


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