SPLM leaders in Maridi state sworn

At least 35 Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) members including Interim Liberation Council, the deputy SPLM chairperson, seven SPLM counties chairpersons and secretaries were sworn in last week on Friday.

Col. Africano Mande, the governor of Maridi state urged women to rise up and leave the spirit of ululation and compete with men in all government sectors.
“We are going to work together with you to ensure that the development of the state goes together,” he said.
He urged SPLM state party members to monitor the principles of the party so that the country can move forward by making valuable contributions to the citizens. “Don’t come to me at the end of the month and ask for salary because our work is for the party. We are the ruling party and we must work for the good of our people,” Col Mande said.
He added that the SPLM has been transforming itself and it will continue with the transformation for the betterment of the nation.

He told his colleagues to promote discipline among them to achieve the visions of the party.
Meanwhile, Wakila Abdu, the representative of Maridi state SPLM Woman League said, “we are committed to work hard as women to make the party moves ahead”. We are going to follow the visions and objectives as stipulated in the constitution of the party”, she added.
The Maridi state SPLM interim secretary Andrew Joseph called on the members who were sworn in to start registration of all members as early as possible.
He said the members must work hard to bring out this country from the current crisis.

Joseph directed those who will work in the counties to respect the grassroot people and as well to cooperate with them.

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