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SPLM-IO, Warrap governor political disputes improve

By Yiep Joseph

The political situation in Warrap state has improved after series of dialogues between the SPLM-IO state Officials and the governor.

Last month, the SPLM-IO members in Juba issued a press statement protesting against the mistreatment and intimidation of (IO) Officials in the state by the state governor.

“We, the members of Parliament in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly and Council of States from Warrap are hereby protesting against the mistreatment and intimidation of our members In the State” part of the petitioned read.

The SPLM-IO members threatened the state governor to withdraw from the state should the state governor failed to fulfil their demands or should the situation remain unchanged.

“If no change in the situation, our members will withdraw from the state or request protection by UNMISS, we demand for opening of Political and Civic Space for all party members in the State.

In an interview with Juba Monitor yesterday,Yolanda Awel,one of the SPLM-IO law makers confirmed that, the political situation has improved after series of dialogue between the SPLM-IO state Officials and the governor.

“After we made the press statement last month, we started to dialogue with the state governor and now the political situation has improved,” Awel said.

“At the moment, my colleagues down in the state are going on with their normal duties and the governor is cooperating with all of the officials in the state,” she added.

She expressed that the political situation was more conducive by then not like before.

Awel expressed that some of the pending issues would be addressed since there was open space for discussions already created by the governor.

She called on the on citizens to help and cooperate in the implementation of the peace agreement.

“This country needs stability and it is not one person work or one party to implement the peace agreement but all of us to cooperate and work together, so it is a collective effort for peace to be realized,” she urged.

Awel also revealed that the representation of women in Warrap state remained fair compared to other states.

“I came from warrap state and women representation is okay it is not like other states, but is still I urged the state governor to also place more women as administrators at Payam and Boma levels,” she concluded.

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