SPLM-IO Should not be nominated as candidates to EALA

The People’s Liberal Party (PLP) is right-wing liberal Party in South Sudan committed to uphold principle of Political Pluralism and multiparty democracy, good governance and rule of law; the party considers that South Sudan membership in EAC shall enrich the country’s efforts to promote good governance based on rule of law, transparency, accountability and respect of democratic principles.

With the ongoing process of nomination of candidates to contest for East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) in South Sudan Transitional Assembly; we therefore strongly stand against any nominee submitted by SPLM-IO due to the following reasons:

  1. SPLM-IO is not a Political party but an armed opposition movement with military wing.
  2. The process should be conducted in accordance with EA treaty.
  3. The current Power sharing deal in the signed peace agreement does not apply to process of nomination to EALA; and therefore all the 24 Political parties should participate.
  4. The EA treaty clearly stated that only “Political parties” not “armed movement” shall present candidates to contest in National parliament for EALA.
  5. Involvement of the armed movement in nominations to EALA and participation of armed movement process undermined the principles of the East Africa Community of promoting democracy, Good Governance and political pluralism.
  6. Participation of armed movement in the community legislative wing shall post a direct and future threat to East Africa democracy and good governance;
  7. The serving duration of the Members to EALA is five and SPLM-IO legitimacy shall expire on 17th August, 2018.
  8. SPLM-IO lacks a clearly defined future, either it shall continue as armed movement, a future political party or return to its mother unit of SPLM Party and therefore involvement of SPLM-IO is completely unconstitutional and potential future threat to the Community.

By Peter Mayen Majongdit

Chairman of People’s Liberal Party    


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