SPLM Central Equatoria puts house in order ahead of elections

Vice President for Economic Cluster, Dr James Wani Igga

By Atimaku Joan

The South People’s Liberation Movement party (SPLM) in Central Equatoria State (CES) has started preparations for the upcoming general elections tentatively slated for 2023.

The party started working on elaborating plans to reach out to voters and gain their trust as it looks forward to bruising polls at the end of the transition in 2023.

Speaking during the party conference over the weekend, the Vice President for Economic Cluster and who is also the Deputy Chairperson of the SPLM party at the national, Dr. James Wani Igga, advised all members of parliament representing constituencies in Central Equatoria State how to deliver to services to qualify in the eyes of the people and to make it through during election.

“I want to take you to another subtopic and this is the evolution with our party and I want to put it also in a question form, in order to uplift the SPLM and even any party in our country rapidly, we must pull it out of abject poverty because comrades when people are poor, that means these are hungry people and when your people are hungry throughout the clock that means they are angry people and angry people by definition are violent people, violent people by definition means they luck stability and peace but we want the opposite which is peace and stability and therefore we definitely need to work on that by fighting backwardness and converting poverty through having a solid solution to their problems if you are an MP,” said Igga.

He further asked CES MPs to be exemplary to their counterparts in other states by visiting their subjects to acquaint themselves with challenges and striving to address them.

“Don’t leave the visits to the Commissioner, don’t leave the visits to the Governor, or to your Payams or even Bomas, you’ve got to be visiting them and you are an MP elected by them, not only MP and soon we are going to go under congresses of the SPLM as we prepare for the upcoming convention and this will begin from down where you need to be elected,”  Igga added. 

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