SPLA will respect unilateral cease fire

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) will respect the unilateral ceasefire announced by President Kiir in line with the National Dialogue launched on Monday, Acting army spokesperson said yesterday.

Colonel Santo Domic Chol said the SPLA chief of defense forces will order the army to observe the unilateral ceasefire today so that there is no fighting ahead of the launched national dialogue.

“This announcement (unilateral ceasefire) is going to be followed by an order by the chief of defense forces tomorrow morning (today) to all the SPLA command and forces to observe it,” he said.

Domic said the all security apparatus have also been ordered to create appropriate environment for the national dialogue to enable the participation of everybody without fear.

The army spokesman said it will give an opportunity for the humanitarian workers to deliver relief aid to areas which have not previously been reached.

However, he said the army will only act in self-defense in their defensive positions if attacked by the opposition forces.

By Jale Richard

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