SPLA told to maintain justice

The human rights activists and the members of Civil Society Organizations have recognized the move taken by the SPLA to ensure that the perpetrators of rape victims and killers have to face military justice, Community Empowerment for Progress Organization said.

Speaking to journalists during the training of the army and police on Gender-based violence yesterday, the Executive Director for Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, Edmund Yakani said justice in the army and police should improve professionally in order for the victims and entire population to know that justice exists in the country.

“We need to see that the mechanism (justice) supported and remain sustainable as a professional mechanism that will not be having some loophole that is challenging SPLA and Police in a sense that any soldier and police personnel who committed crime should be accountable for what he or she has done,” said Yakani .

“We want to continue to see how much they (SPLA) can assure our civilians that the perpetrators cannot go free without justice prevail,” he added.

In February this year, Military Court of Justice apprehended and tried some SPLA soldiers for allegedly raping women and girls at Kubi village.

The trial came after the SPLA Chief of General Staff took action by ordering the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operation to instruct the directorate of intelligence to carry out the investigation in order for the culprits to be identify.

According to Yakani, the  country still has challenges in terms of human rights violations which he said there is need to develop practical action and orientation plan to minimize occurrence of gender based violence in the country.

“We are trying with the army and police officers to come up with an action plan that will minimize the occurrence in terms of incident of gender based violence to stop before it happens,” he said.

He said engaging army and police officers in fighting gender based violence is the first move because the civil population are convinced that all the atrocities are often committed  by the organized forces.

By Kidega Livingstone

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