SPLA threatens to expand defensive lines

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) would be forced to expand its defensive positions if the rebels continue to wage offensive actions against the army, the Acting Spokesperson of the army has warned.

Col. Santo Domic Chol said on Wednesday during the usual country’s general security report that the national army has the capability to sustain a wider protection zone for the citizens to enjoy stability and free movement if the rebels continue to wage war.

Col. Chol alleged that the rebels had carried out thirty attacks against SPLA and civilian targets in various locations following the declaration of unilateral ceasefire by President Salva Kiir.

Chol said despite all the attacks on their positions, the SPLA did not respond due to the commitment of creating conducive environment for the success of the National Dialogue.

According to the Acting Spokesperson, the latest attack by the rebels was carried out in Aladham in Northern Upper Nile state where he said the army fought in self-defense and the attackers were repulsed.

He said following those systematic attacks in the Northern Upper Nile the security situation in the area is deteriorating since the rebels launched the attack.

During the launch of the National Dialogue, President Salva Kiir announced a unilateral ceasefire across the country and ordered his forces not to attack but should only respond in self-defense.

But Col. Chol said expansion of the defensive position does not constitute breach of the unilateral ceasefire.

“If there are people making noise around your house, you will first tell them to reduce the noises, but if they insist then you can go outside your vicinity to tell them to keep quiet,” he said.

By Morris Dogga

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