SPLA Officers die of Massive food poison

Two officers from the 5th Infantry Division died of massive food poison on Thursday last week in Wau while conducting a two day workshop at the Military Barracks in Grinti over the week, the Sudan People Liberation Army acting Spokesperson confirmed.

Col. Santo Domic Chol, the acting SPLA Spokesperson said the death of the two officers came as a result of massive food poison given to workshop participants for refreshment.

Domic said the incident happened when over 60 officers from Division five were participating in a two day workshop on Human rights organized by  UNMISS at the Military Garrison in Grinti.

“The incident started when the officers were for two day’s workshop in Wau. The first day there was no problem, and when it came to the second day all participants developed some problems of stomach pain, severe diarrhea, vomiting and other inconveniences from all officers leading to the death of two on spot while others remained in critical conditions”, he explained.

Col. Domic said the deceased includes; the acting Commander for Operations, Col. Mathok Akech Aciek and Private William Anei Akol while the survivor are still in a critical condition in the Hospital.

He said UNMISS, the organizer of the workshop was responsible for catering services of the participants where they (UNMISS) sent two Kenyan women working under their base to bring food from a local Hotel called Sunshine to feed participants.

He alleged that he SPLA could not really verify where the source of the problem came from. Whether from two Kenyan nationals or from Sunshine Hotel owners, it is not clear.

He said investigations are under way to prove beyond reasonable doubt those behind the massive food poison for the law to take its course.

Domic described the death of the two service men as mysterious in which the SPLA condemned in the strongest terms possible.

He said the military intelligent is working hard to identify the suspects and investigate.

Col. Joseph Mager Machar the commander of Artillery unit in Division 5 is one of the survivors of massive food poison.

He said several suffered the poisoning, making him partially deaf, adding that he cannot hear well as a result of the poison.

Col. Mager said he is now ok with little improvement while undergoing medication in the hospital.

The office of UNMISS Civil Affairs could not reach for comment on the allege incident.

By Moses Gum Degur      




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