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SPLA not aware Of Uganda bombing rebel area

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) is not aware of claims by rebels that Ugandan planes bombed rebel position in Thochdeng, Upper Nile region, army spokesman Brig. Lul Ruai said yesterday.

SPLA-IO official spokesman Brig. General William Gatjiath Deng said in a statement that Ugandan military warplanes on Friday carried out airstrikes on South Sudan’s armed opposition outstation in Upper Nile’s Thochdeng area, in an attempt to rescue government forces.

“It was late evening yesterday [Friday] at around 3:30PM, when the two Ugandan gunships accompanied by a white (MI) Helicopter that was not identified which company it comes from but later landed within two minutes near the enemy trenches while the two military gunships started bombardment on the SPLA-IO position at Thocdeng,” Brig. Gen. Deng explained.

The rebel spokesman disclosed in the statement that SPLA-IO artillery unit retaliated in an extreme way, forcing the gunships to lose focus and left. He added that “…nobody was killed during the airstrike.”

“The SPLA-IO artillery unit had excessively retaliated the air attack with (Zuu -23) until the two gunships went and bombarded randomly on the surrounding villages at Thocdeng,” he said.

However, Brig Ruai said they were not aware of any incident and could not comment. “Let the Ugandan army spokesperson respond because if they (rebels) are accusing the Ugandan army directly, it is a matter that should be handled by the Ugandan army,” Lul said when contacted by Juba Monitor for comments over the claim by rebel’s spokesperson.

The armed opposition spokesman also accused Kampala and Juba of orchestrating the plan to attack Maiwut and Pagak and warned that any attempt to capture Maiwut or Pagak would be a fatal mistake on the government side.

By press time, the Ugandan army spokesperson had not yet responded to questions about their alleged bombardment of the rebel’s position in Upper Nile region.






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