SPLA-IO, Seeks help for Bentiu Cantonment site

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The SPLA-IO cantonment area of Ding Ding in Unity State of Bentiu is in dire need of assistance such as food, water, medicine and pit latrines.

The commander of Ding Ding John Tukutur Khor told a team from JMEC, CTSAM, and civil society that their stay at the cantonment area exposed the dire situation in terms of shortage of essential commodities.

He said several attempts had been made to the concerned bodies to address the problems but no fruits have been yielded yet.

“With your coming here, we hope that you will deliver our concerns, we have challenges of water, food, lack of medicine at our small health unit here, our roads are so poor as you have witnessed while coming here, the hygiene situation is also alarming,” said John.

John revealed that several promises have been made to them when coming to the cantonment area but none have been fulfilled hence leaving them to live in hard situation.

“When we were brought here, we were told all the services that you need will be delivered and we are here, the last food distribution that we received was in June and till now, we might be forced to look for other ways of surviving, we appeal to you who have come here to send our issues to the concerned authorities,” said John.

Ding ding Cantonment area has more than 35000 people living and Lam Gabriel, the SPLA-IO spokesperson said that it is difficult to live with the civil population if services are not rendered to them.

“We have only one borehole that is functioning in Ding Ding and the rest are not working, the road is very bad when it rains, the health unit here has no medicine and when someone is seriously sick we carry the person on our head to town for treatment because there is no means of transport, so you can imagine the kind of life we are living in”, said Lam.

Despite of all the challenges faced by SPLA-IO in Ding Ding cantonment area, Lam said there is successful registration of all the forces at the cantonment.

“The registration of the forces at the cantonment is going on well as you can all see and we expect by the end of this week everyone will be registered and then we move to the next step of the implementation of the peace agreement,” Lam said.

Ding Ding Cantonment area has 2,000 forces whose coexistence with the civilian population is at ease because the area was given to them by the community.


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