SPLA-IO rejects Parliament’s review on security sector Laws

By: Kidega Livingstone

The SPLM/A-IO rejected the review of draft text of Constitution Amendment Bill and Security Sector Laws by the Transitional National Legislative Assembly.

The SPLM/A representatives in Juba said that it has come to their notice that the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs introduced Constitutional Amendments Bill; the bill incorporating the Revitalized -ARCSS (2018), to the Transitional National Legislative Assembly.

They admitted that after a short deliberation, the bill was referred to Parliamentary Committee on Legislation for review and examinations.

In a press release extended to Juba Monitor yesterday, SPLMA -IO Representative for National Constitution Amendment Committee (NCAC), Oyet Nathaniel Pierino said that there was clear tendency and intention by government to review the draft bill to delete provisions that doesn’t suit them.

“SPLM/A In opposition will never accept this process or any changes to the Constitution Amendment Bill arising from this process and outside the National Constitution Amendment Committee (NCAC),”said Nathaniel.

He explained that SPLM/A-IO were  also aware that recently, the Minister of Justice similarly tabled Security related draft bills in the Council of Ministers for deliberation and the SPLMA(IO) has full information that the draft Security bills were unfortunately angrily rejected with contempt by the Council of Ministers of ITGoNU (a party to the R-ARCSS).

He said the draft Security bills (SPLA, National Security Services, Prison, Police, Wildlife and Fire Brigade Services Acts) are now referred to the Governance Cluster of the Council of Ministers for review and changes.

SPLM/A (IO) would like to reiterate and make it categorically clear that we shall never accept any process that shall overturn the provisions of the Agreement. The provisions of the Agreement particularly Articles;,, 1.18.2, 1.18.6-7, 1.14.7 and Article 8.1-3 shall prevail over any intention and wishes of the ITGoNU unless they declare the Agreement dead.

Article 1.18.7 of the Agreement provides that the work of the Assembly shall be limited to “ratify” the Constitution Amendment Bill drafted by NCAC and not to review it and make unnecessary changes. And by virtue of Articles; 8.2 and 8.3, the Agreement supersedes the text of the Constitution and any law or any other intention by any party or group.

The parliamentary process and rules of procedures leading to enactment of Constitution Amendments Bills, Security laws or any other laws drafted or that shall be drafted by NCAC shall be subject to the provisions of the Agreement as per Article 1.14.7.

We reject this clear intention of ITGoNU to manipulate the Agreement and legal reforms process. This is a clear indication that despite signing the R-ARCSS, ITGoNU doesn’t want any reforms, it is determined to maintain the current status quo of decay and collapse in the security sector and to obstruct any prospect for reforms in the government.

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