SPLA-IO forces in Kapoeta state despatched for training

By: Kabaka Quintous

At least 400 opposition forces from Lowareng and Loyoro cantonment sites in Kapoeta state have been dispatched for training in different training centres.

The forces included 201 military forces and about 234 members’ belonging to the police, fire brigade and wildlife service.

The Military were taken to Nyacigak Nyaculuk Military training College and the police, wildlife and fire brigade services were transported to Rambur while the national security will be taken to South Africa, According to Area Joint Monitoring Ceasefire Committee (AJMCC) in Eastern Equatoria region.

Addressing the forces before their departure,the Governor of Torit state Tobiolo Alberio Oromo told forces to unite and respect orders during training.

Tobiolo said the forces in the training should have one language advising them to treat one another as people of one nation South Sudan.

“What you are going to get in the training, I need our unity. Our unity should start from you soldiers, your tribe is uniform and this tribalism should be taken out completely, it must be taken out,” said Governor Alberio.

The team leader for AJMCC in eastern Equatoria Brigadier general Kornelio Abelle Lomilomoi called for hard work and commitment among the forces.

“We are now moving to the training sites, and in the training sites, there is need for discipline, and it is discipline that will tell that this is military. We don’t want to hear pulling of rope that this is from here and there, no; this is not there in military,” he said.

While the deputy commander of sector nine Division in Eastern Equatoria Mohamed Loteda Lokwar applauds Torit Governor for the warm welcome and encouragement.

“We as the commanders of IOs are very happy with the warm welcome that the Governor and his team showed to us during our movement to implement the orders of AJMCC or peace partners,” he said.

“We have no turn back, we shall commit towards respecting the orders of leaders, the orders of Dr. Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir and for the agreement made for forces to be trained as unified forces,” he said.

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