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SPLA denies renewed clashes in Wau

Brigadier General Lul Ruai Koang SPLA Spokesperson(file photo):

By Moses gum Degur

The Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) has denied renewed clashes in Wau State with opposition forces as the two principle leaders met in Khartoum on Monday.

Brigadier General Lul Ruai Koang, the SPLA Spokesperson said the government is observing the ceasefire amidst the peace process and that there were no clashes as claimed by rebels allied to Dr. Riek Machar.

On Monday the SPLA-IO Deputy Military Spokesperson Col. Lam Paul Gabriel in a press release posted on his Facebook page claimed that the government troops attacked their SPLA-IO position in Omboro in Wau.

“At about 6:00AM as face-to-face resume in Khartoum, the regime sent  heavy force of SPLA IG combined with JEM militias on one Woral truck and seven Land cruisers; escorted by four APCs to attack the SPLA-IO defensive position in Omboro in Wau,” Col. Lam said.

“Our forces destroyed one (1) APC and three (3) Land cruisers. The fight is still ongoing as I write,” he said.

However Brig. Lul denied all the claims that the SPLA attacked positions of opposition forces in former Western Bahr el Ghazal state over the weekend.

“There are no renewed clashes with rebels. The SPLA have not attacked rebel position nor did my office receive any information of clashes in the country,” Brig Lul told the Juba Monitor yesterday in a phone interview.

Lul said the rebels were trying to solicit for “cheap propaganda” as peace talks continue to draw the attention of the people.

“Whenever there are peace talks going on, rebel normally make allegations here and there, simply to draw the attention of the internationally community. It is not a new thing but what they usually do,” Lul added.

Gen Lul said the government is observing the cease fire agreement and that there was no way the government could attack rebels.

“We only fight back in self-defense if our position is attacked,” he added.

The SPLA-IO deputy military spokesperson also claimed that on Saturday government forces attacked the SPLA IO Positions in Bagari, Engo Halima and Baslia in Wau State resulting to the displacement of civilians in the areas.

“The SPLA-IO forces of Division 6 withdrew tactically to avoid civilian casualties but yesterday the 24th/06/2018 at around 10:35 AM, the SPLA-IO Division 6 forces regrouped and launched an aggressive attack to take back their bases killing 76 enemy soldiers and wounding scores,” he claimed.

“The SPLA IO lost 18 freedom fighters. Items captured in good working conditions include. 56 Ak-47, 7 PKM, 6 RBG, 4 Land cruisers mounted wit 12.7 4, and 1 Wulit (APC),” he added.

The SPLA spokesperson denied all the claims, saying there were no clashes in Wau with opposition forces and that all the reports were” mere propaganda.”

President Salva Kiir met rebel leader Dr Riek Machar in a face-to face meeting on Monday in an effort to reach an agreement on the outstanding issues in the High Level Revitalization Forum.

Kiir said he attended the Khartoum meeting with open mind for peace and that he expected the same from Dr. Riek Machar to bring peace and end to the suffering of South Sudanese.




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