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SPLA accusesTroika ofregime change

Domic Santo Chol, Acting SPLA Spokesperson


By Jale Richard


The SudanPeople’sLiberation Army (SPLA) has pointed fingers at theUnited States of America, United Kingdom and Norway for allegedly planning a regime change in South Sudan.

Speaking during a news conference at the military headquarters in Juba, Colonel Domic Santo Cholacting SPLA spokesperson said SPLA intelligence learnt that the three countries together with opposition figures held a meeting to dislodge the regime of President kiir and his aides.

“On the 3rd of January 2017, international and indigenous anti-peace elements composed of members from US, Britain, Norway and the rebels represented by former SPLA Lt Gen. BapinyMonytuilWejang, held a meeting in Nairobi to plan ways for regime change in South Sudan,” Domictold journalists at a news conference at SPLA headquarters in Juba.

Juba Monitor cannot however independently verify the claim of the SPLA spokesperson.

According to Domic, theformer Deputy Chief of Staff Bapiny was included in the plan because they thought he had been Malong’s deputy and therefore, he knows how to defeat general Malong who is seen as an obstacle to defeating the government of South Sudan.

Domicsaid the meeting concluded to use the economic crisis facing the country by bribing junior SPLA officers with huge money so that they can isolate the leadership of general Malongand sabotage military administration in the country that would make it easy for regime change.

He revealed that the members who attended the meeting also allegedly planned to assassinatePaul Malong, Chief of General Staff by poisoning him; causing traffic accident, plane crush,using opposition members and theCIA and M1-6 cells inside the country.

According to Domic, if all the options fail, the countries are going to mobilize thesupport of UNSC permanent members to pass a secret indictment against Paul Malong, Lieutenant Gen Gabriel JokRiak, Salvador Garangand Michael MakueiLueth.

The army deputy spokesman also slammed the new UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres for allegedly accepting the “looming genocide” in South Sudan created by ‘anti-peace’ elements.

“This is a baseless misconception and it carries no evidence other than bad intention against the people of South Sudan so that they are kept divided,” Domic said.

He said Malongis an individual appointed by the President, and therefore, cannot implement policies, orders and directives without the directives of the commander-in-chief and minister of defence.

“Gen Malong is a nationalist and does not entertain tribalism and sectionalism. Dinka is not a property of Gen.Malong who uses them for whatever he thinks. Those who are possessed with such wrong assumption do not know him yet,” he said.

He added that indigenous, regional and international anti peace elements have run out of ideas to destroy South Sudan, as a result, they introduced the idea of “looming genocide” as a last resort to create divisions among ethnic groups in South Sudan.











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