SPLA accuses Sudan of supporting rebels

The Sudan People’s liberation Army (SPLA) has accused the Sudanese government of supporting rebels to fight the government of South Sudan.

Speaking in a press conference at the military headquarters yesterday, the acting army spokesperson Col. Santo Domic Chuol said the military has gathered enough evidence that the Sudanese government is supporting South Sudanese rebels to destabilize the government.

Col. Chuol said there were some systematic attacks by rebels in the areas of Kolla, Kuek and Ghabat in northern Upper Nile region from the 9th to the 12th of this month.

Chuol said the capabilities used by the rebels in those operations indicate that the rebels have received military support from Sudan.

“Based on the systematic attacks in Kolla, Kuek and Ghabat, it gives us an indication that something is happening,” Chol said. “If you look at the capabilities that the rebels are using during those operations, it indicates that these rebels must have received support from Sudan and this is beyond any reasonable doubt, because there is no other country from that side,” he added.

He said they received earlier reports that the Sudanese Armed Forces were fighting the SPLA in kuek, which he said is not true but Chuol said the Sudan Armed Forces decided to withdraw in the night leaving all the military equipment to the rebels.

Chuol added that in the process of fighting, the SPLA were able to identify that the forces fighting were not SAF but rebels supported by the Sudanese government.

Chuol said the military equipment that is used by the rebels is carrying the Sudanese military identification.

Chuol said the SPLA cannot launch a military offensive but the attack on Kuek has prompted the SPLA to fight in self-defense.

He also said that they have learned that the top military commanders are being harbored by the Sudanese government.

“It is very clear that Sudan is providing training centers for the rebels, and we have the evidence that Sudan is supporting the rebels with War machinery and logistic,” he said.

He said the military has also learned that even after the fighting, the rebels retreated to Sudanese border where they have been getting their treatment adding that those with life endangering wounds are being evacuated to Khartoum for further treatment.

He said they are adhering to the unilateral ceasefire announced by President Salva Kiir but can only act on self-defense if they are attacked in their positions.

By Morris Dogga


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