Spitting in public is a bad personality trait

By Loro Louis Yugu

Spitting in public places is not a habit that needs any human born with common sense to be informed. Unless or otherwise such a person has gone to live in the universe of rare sense. Regardless of the social exasperation of those who spit, there are several health perils that one has to take precaution.

According to scientists, ulcers, cancers and the spreading of diseases are major concerns when talking about the dangers of spitting. Researchers have revealed that mental issues, such as self-image problems, can also become a contributing factor in developing a spitting habit.

The Free Encyclopedia defines public as a group of individuals. This could be workmates, classmates or friends. The mindset of some people in Juba relate public places to only football clubs, restaurants, tea shops, cafeterias, public buses and many others. People who spit anyhow anywhere are really uncivilized despite their social status in the public arena as stakeholders. There are bad mannered people in the public who could just spit freely without respect. This beats my school of thought about such humanities of even high reputation.

The worst health fact that nobody can deny is that saliva hosts a variety of diseases and infections. When a person spit recklessly, the mucus of the saliva spread into air and whoever is around such an environment would inhale the germs that would later cause an infection to such an innocent person. As diseases can kill, a person who spits in public can be considered a killer as well. You cannot spit where you live, eat, work and sleep.

Of course, spit contains your personal DNA, for that matter, diseases and bacteria are highly contagious in spit, because spit serves as a transit vessel from one host to the next. Spit that carries such infections can infiltrate the body and reach the bloodstream through any open sore, mouth or even an eye, in order to become deadly. Scientists belief that viruses such as meningitis are also easily transferable through spit. Other germs, like common cold and influenza, are significantly prevalent diseases spread by saliva.

Spiting in public can cause inward social indignation that will jeopardize your acceptance in social situations and can shrink your public image.

Most people known for unusual regular spiting are those who chew tobacco. Individuals who chew tobacco and spit pose specific menaces to themselves and those around them. According to the Stop the Spit website, “70 percent of people who use chewing and spitting tobacco get mouth sores, cracking and bleeding lips and gums, receding gums, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, and irregular heartbeats — all leading to a greater risk of heart attacks and brain damage.”

In other cities around the world, it is punishable to spit on someone whether purposely or by accident. Indeed it is humiliating to be spat upon. It is worth mentioning that spiting in the face of another person in other countries unlike South Sudan is considered legally as a direct assault, hence, an offence punishable by law or subjective to court ruling. So, if you spit on someone out of disparagement, anticipate the prospect of a personal injury lawsuit or immoral protest.

Spitting in public to me is really unpleasant, unacceptable and antisocial. It is a filthy habit that can spread germs and cause health issues. It is unfortunate if you have the habit, because where there are groups of individuals; expect minor comestible things within that surrounding.

A person infected with a life-threatening disease, if proven that he purposefully spat on someone to infect him, his saliva can be considered a poisonous missile. This is especially true if a case can easily be made based on the degree of contemplation involved in the act.

Therefore, fellow countrymen and anybody living in this country; know that spiting in public paints your face ugly. Respect is not bought but it is one of the best human traits in the World that we are living in. My advice to you brother from another mother is that, before you spit, look around and consider the agony your saliva would cause to the individuals around you.



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