SPEAKER, Summons Finance Minister

By: Nema Juma

Minister of Finance has been summoned by the speaker of Parliament Anthony Lino Makana, for reasons the leader of the august house did not divulge.

Asked by the press to give the reason(s) for the summon, Makana said “this is a routine parliamentary matters and more so when we are almost opening the house.”

The speaker toned these words during the opening of workshop organized for members of parliament to acquaint and train them on various management skills among them, strategic and leadership.

Asked further to reveal why parliament had summoned the minister, the speaker politely said “come here at 2.00pm the minister will be here. You can ask him that question”. At the mentioned time, the press was told that the deputy Finance Minister was in a closed door session at the workshop and there was no access to him.

Earlier, Makana told the workshop that MPs for National Transitional Assembly would be trained on leadership and strategic planning skills.

He said legislators also would be trained on monitoring and evaluation skills so that they could learn how to deal with people in their respective constituencies.

“Members of parliament are going to be taught on leadership and strategic planning skills and how to live with people who are living in conflict situation,” said Makana during a two day Christian leadership workshop. organized by Christian from United State of America.

He added that the work of Member of Parliament is to inspire his/her followers, and he should be able to inspire and direct the people on the right direction.

“One of the things in leadership is that you have to be faithful throughout tribulation and I am saying because I am talking to leaders here, we are all members of parliament,” Anthony said.

At the same venue, the Chairperson of Information and Communication in the parliament, Paul Yoane Bonju, said other skills should be from the Bible study because legislators have forgotten about God.

This skill is very important because in most parliaments, you don’t hear people talking about God. To this changing world you must put the element of faith, if you don’t put some elements of faith that means what you’re doing is going to be nothing,” he said.

He stated that even countries across the world like Ghana, Kenya and others, the chief justices are involved in leadership activities.

However, a Member of Parliament from Gok State who is also the Chairperson for Peace and Reconciliation committee in the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) Amelia Aluel Bol said that peace will not come from anywhere unless everyone accepts God as well as solving problem.

She also urged all South Sudanese to preach the word of God so that they could be forgiven for their bad deeds and to always ask God for forgiveness.

“I wish every leader in this country accepts that there is God, so that we can have peace in our country and also be forgiven” Aluel said.

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