Speaker receives youth development policy

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By Nema Juma

The Chairman of the Committee on Culture, Youth and Sports of the Transitional Legislative Assembly, David Unyo Demey submitted the youth development policy to the Speaker of Parliament, Anthony Lino Makana.

Speaking to Journalists at the parliament, David said that they had successfully submitted the youth development policy to the speaker and they were optimistic that the youth development policy would be unanimously passed as a policy for the youth in South Sudan.

“The youth will be happy when they hear that it has been submitted because this is the document that they have been waiting for,” David said.

He said the document would help youth to be empowered and guided on what will support them in future.

He said that there is some percentage within the document, there is the percent that the government will allocate fund for the youth in order for them to be successful in the business.

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