Speaker Makana resigns amid accusations of corruption

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Speaker of National Assembly Antony Lino Makana has resigned from the position after allegations of corruption and mismanagement of the house.

Makana announced his resignation during the Sudan’s People’s Liberation Party’s caucus that took place on Sunday in Juba.

In his speech during the meeting Makana said the reason for tendering his resignation was an act of sincerity and deep respect to the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Upon pronouncing his resignation, Makana revealed that he still remains a loyal and foot solider to the SPLM Party.

The former Speaker further threatened to launch legal case against whoever character that assassinated and defamed his character and integrity.

“Am not after position or political power, my intention is to defend our country’s sovereignty, national security, peace, dignity under your leadership (President Salva Kiir Mayardit)”, said Makana.

Makana added that he remains committed in support of the leadership and his party.

Speaking to Juba Monitor Paul Bonjo, the Chairperson of Committee for Information in Parliament confirmed Makana’s resignation.

“Yes the speaker has resigned”, said Bonjo.

Juba Monitor established that the Parliament was tasked by the President to look into ways for getting the next Speaker of the House. It was learnt that there was a meeting in Parliamentary Affairs building yesterday discussing the possibility of having another Speaker.

Makana was appointed the Speaker of South Sudan’s Parliament in 2016 and he has served the country for nearly three years.

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