Public servants who are not performing according to the expectation of the public should not be spared because they are a disgrace to the people and the country. President Salva Kiir Mayardit has shown the country and the world that nobody is indispensable when it comes to managing affairs of national concern. No tribe, clan or community will prevent one from being shown the door where service delivery is wanting. No godfather to protect those involved in shoddy deals and unwarranted affairs in the country. In fact the action by the president should be sending a chilling message and warning at the same time that enough was enough and no more entertainment of corrupt behaviours in the public services. While it is arguable that one is innocent until proven guilty, the stock of information that came out in the public domain is a clear indication that the president was taking daily stock of whatever was going on in the national fora. It was like giving some people time to reform but they took it the other way round and to their personal advantage. Where there is doubts and disservices, the appointing authority should not hesitate to crack the whip and have those tainting the image of the government out of the road. Indeed those sent in the cold did not know that their time would come so soon, but going by records that had been gathered, they were bound to go. The new finance minister has been given the go ahead to safeguard and protect the national coffers against corruption and looting. He has to do his work without favour or sympathy to anyone. Rightly he has been told to seek and consult with the appointing authority, knowing that no clan or community appointed his but the president so that he could work for the people and the country. He is been told to pay civil servants and organized forces their salaries on time, a thing which has notbeen done effectively.

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