Southern Liech newly appointed ministers sworn in

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

The Governor of Southern Liech State, Maj. General Stephen Thiey Yar has told the newly appointed Ministers to work for the unity of people of Southern Liech State for reconciliation and peaceful co-existent of the citizens in the State.

Speaking during the event, Governor Stephen told those who were appointed and those who were relieved that their relieve does not mean that they were bad persons or they don’t know how work but it was system of government.

“If you are not appointed your chance will come because Southern Liech is for all of us, in any organization or other intuitions, there must be appointment. Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) has come together for peace dissemination,” Stephen said.

Minister of Education, Simon Gatluak Pech, representing the newly appointed ministers said their appointment came on time because there is need for service delivery in Southern Liech State.

“My first priority as new minster is education for young children who were out of school. Our community will be informed on how they take children to school because Southern Liech is the state that was affected by war and water flooding,” Gatluak said.

He added that they plan to involve partners saying there was need to renovated schools in the state. Some of schools were destroyed during the conflict and there is no any facility that can be used now, Gatluak added.

He called on the donors to come in because most of the children left school and followed their parents in the cattle camp. 

“As I talk to you, all children are under tree which can let the rest of children to leave the school. If we have national primary school in Southern Liech and boarding school this one will help in minimizing tribalism in South Sudan,” Gatluak said.

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