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Southern Liech gov’t condemns cattle raid

By Wek Atak Kacjang

At least five people were killed and two others disappeared in a cattle raid where at least 1,200 heads of cattle were looted in Mayendit county of Southern Liech State.

Addressing the press in Juba yesterday, Southern Liech State Deputy Governor Franco Doth Diu condemned the killing of civilians, saying the incident was very strange.

He said the raid happened between the people of Mayendit county and Luacjang county of Tonj State.

“They were very good friends but that incident would be counted as one of the worst which was not supposed to happen between the two communities,” he said.

He said the two people who disappeared during the raid were not found.

“I appeal to the government of Tonj State to intervene by advising communities of Tonj plus their youths to stop doing such things to their generation,” Diu said.

He added that the state governor Stephen Thiey Yar is working hard to control the situation by speaking to community leaders in order to quell some youth who were trying to take revenge.

Diu said that Tonj state government should talk with its citizens to return the stolen cattle to prevent the youth of Mayendit community from revenging.

“If those cattle are not returned, it will be difficult to control those youth along the border,” Diu said.

However, William Wol Mayom, Tonj State information minister dismissed that youth from the state were involved in the raid.

Mayom said it was difficult to identify the attackers since Southern Liech has borders with three states including Western Lakes and Eastern Lakes.

He added that, “we are friends to the people of Southern Liech, we don’t have such attacks amongst each other.”

“As I am speaking today, since Monday our state has launched youth disarmament exercise. If any anonymous youth went and attacked, I don’t have information but our government will look in to whether a gang went to their area,” Mayom added.

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