Southern Liech Governor pays tuitions fees to university students

By: Wek Atak Kacjang

The governor of Southern Liech State has rescued students from paying 2, 150,000 thousand South Sudanese pounds for 51 students who had not completed tuitions fees from sitting their exams in university of Juba.

Earlier last week, the administration of the University of Juba said any student who did not complete the tuitions deemed to have failed the subjects and would do supplementary examination after paying the amount due, and all Deans of Colleagues were urged to observe the instruction.

The move caused chaos at the Western Campus that led to the destruction of properties by some angry tuition fee defaulters.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview, Southern Liech Governor Stephen Thiey Yar said one of the most powerful tools to do to citizens is to deliver services.

“Supporting education will provide students with opportunities to develop civic engagement skills to work with their community. We will pay in terms of installment until we clear all,” Thiey said.

He added that State government is working hard to provide and deliver services to the people. I believe that supporting learning is an amazing way for students to learn about fundamental concepts but gives them valuable insight into the community and practically apply their knowledge in real world.

Peter Piem Manguany Kueth, Chairman of Southern Liech Student’s Union in the University of Juba said the union of students’ affairs appreciated the Governor for supporting education of his people.

 “We appreciate Governor Thiey Yar for his commitment and sacrifice for the services he had rendered. We are standing firm and strong toward your able leadership,” Piem said,

He added that his work would go as historical life legacy to his leadership and for him as a person for clearing all fees and granting the funds of the students monthly to the State budget like the rest of state institutions, Piem added.

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