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Southern Liech Government Urges Residents to Embrace Peace

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Residents of Southern Liech State living in Juba have been urged to support the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

Speaking to press at Southern Liech State coordination office, state Deputy Governor Franco Doth Diu said the state leadership appreciated President Kiir for appointing Thiey Yar as the Governor.

He said Governor Thiey Yar’s appointment has been positively received by local communities because of his ability to tackle insecurity.

“Ask I speak now when communities heard Stephen Thiey Yar was appointed those who were in UNMISS camp came out and those who are in Sudan and those who were in Juba also came to the state that means there is good leadership,” he said.

“Government Thiey will provide access to good security and everyone must have good life in the state,” he added.

Diu Governor Thiey Yar’s new government was formed out of a wider consultation with communities in the state and the SPLM members in Juba.

“We took a full month to consult on how best they can select those who can be able to deliver services to them because the result of that was appreciated by the community,” Diu said.

He sad Governor Thiey Yar’s administration is the second state to appoint a female Finance Minister after Wau.

Southern Liech State Political Advisor and state SPLM Secretary General, Mayen Benson Ninrew thanked the state governor for appointing the youth into key positions in his administration.

“We assure you of our commitment, determination and efforts to do what is possible to deliver services to our communities,” Benson said.

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