South Sudanese told to stop laziness

By: Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala.

Pastor David Laila of South Sudanese International Christians Church in Uganda has urged South Sudanese to stop laziness. He said South Sudan needs people who are hard working to overcome different challenges facing the country.

Laila cautioned political leaders against what he described as “political prostitution” saying this was being spearheaded by the spirit of laziness.

“Among politicians or some of the leaders there are those who want only office works instead of working hard to create jobs for jobless youths in the country,” he said.

Laila urged young people, including fresh graduates to stop thinking that there were no jobs, “work hard and enjoy the fruits of your hard work at the end of the day instead of accepting spirit of laziness to drive you nowhere in life.”

The cleric warned young South Sudanese against pride and laziness saying the spirit could ruin their lives and future.

He urged those who are lazy to seek for super natural healing from Almighty God, saying laziness led mankind to live in a regrettable life which God did not want.

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