South Sudanese told to embrace unity

By: Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala.

South Sudanese community in Ugandan Capital Kampala was told to embrace unity as it is a leeway to peaceful coexistence.

This comes after millions of South Sudanese gathered together in Ugandan capital Kampala to celebrate musical concert under the theme “Together for Peace”, an event which was attended by several South Sudanese artists.

The together-for-peace concert was sponsored by South Sudanese Ambassador for peace and businesswoman Achai Wiir.

Speaking to multitudes who turned up to celebrate the peaceful coexistence of South Sudanese in Kampala, Wiir congratulated people of South Sudan for accepting themselves to live in peace which was demonstrated at Wanders World Auditorium, an event where all the tribes of South Sudan participated.

Wiir told celebrants that the objective of the concert was to bring the people of South Sudan together as one family.

Emmuunel Kembe, the musical icon who spoke on behalf of South Sudanese musicians said tribalism and sectarianism will finish us if not fought by all South Sudanese people despite tribal grouping.

Gen Mabildit applauded South Sudanese from difference walk of life for choosing to live together.

Gen Garang Mabil Deng who was the special guest told masses gathered at International University of East Africa Auditorium to celebrate togetherness if peace is to prevail.

He called on South Sudanese to embrace one another so as to confront the challenges that lie ahead.

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