South Sudanese students in Uganda yarn for peace

Daniel Thuch Ajang, executive member of South Sudanese students Union in Arua secondary school (photo by Gaaniko Samson Jerry):

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

South Sudanese Students Union (SSSA) a body responsible for South Sudanese secondary school students’ affairs in Uganda said they are yearning for peace to return home.

Speaking to Juba Monitor during an exclusive interview Daniel Thuch Ajang, the executive member of South Sudanese students’ Union in Arua Secondary School, said they were working hard to unite the students.

Ajang revealed that on several times they “come together” to resolve differences among students whenever any problem arose among them.

He appealed to South Sudanese embassy in Uganda to support students studying in northwestern Uganda.

Mr. Ajang continued that students studying in Arua District were facing a lot of challenges including shortage of food, health care and that most of them have been sent home due to lack of school fees.

He urged the leaders of South Sudan to prioritize peace for their citizens by resolving their differences.

“We want to communicate to our leaders without any blockade to deliver the right information to them,” Mr. Ajang said.

Grace Kujang Morris, one of the South Sudanese refugee students said lack of school fees has contributed to high drop-out among the refugees.

She said many of the students have returned to South Sudan while some of them were still hustling with the hard life in the camp.

Ms. Grace stressed that girls were the most affected group in the camp as they could not afford to meet their basic needs without the help of their parents.

She urged the two main warring parties (Transitional Government of National Unity and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition) to come to reach to an agreement to restore peace in the country.

“We want to go back to our homeland to study our own history,” Ms. Grace said.





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