South Sudanese students in Uganda resort to filming

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry   

Majority of South Sudanese students have joined the movie production industry to gain acting skills and talents to annihilate idleness during this lockdown.

Simon Ali, the founder of Sollywood SSD movie acting group told Juba Monitor in Arua that Coronavirus had brought people on their knees and that many students were staying idle without engaging in activities that would keep them busy so as to navigate their talents.

“Since they are not in school, we introduced many of them to Sollywood South Sudan movie industry so that they don’t join bad groups and so as to to give back to the community through acting movies that will pass out strong messages to the young people,” he said.

Simon added that, they had formed this group to engage young people to realize their God given talents.

Simon went on to say that, the most important reason was to unite all South Sudanese youths in Uganda so that they come together as one people adding that in so doing, they forget the past and embrace one another and fight tribal differences.

Simon reiterated that, it was the reason they involved South Sudanese living in Uganda to forget their differences and instead work on things that unite them.

“Though resources are our main challenge, it will never stop us from working on five scripts that we are going to act when we get support,” he added.

He said they were working against the enemy of progress for the people within our country that does not want others to progress saying if one excels in his business some people will still let you down.

Simon added that even if one is doing well at school, many will still look at his progress in a negative way where your friends will start hating you for your performance.

“We also have another script titled, “Our cries will never bring peace, it is when we come together,” Ali said.

“This script brings South Sudanese to the realization that, peace does not come on a silver platter, it is the role of all South Sudanese to bring lasting peace to South Sudan so that all the suffering refugees return to their home country,” Simon narrated.

He further stressed that, “Cry for Justice” is also on the pipe line which has brought the aspect of the cry of South Sudanese crying for their country and those whose blood have been poured.

Simon encouraged South Sudanese youths who have got such talents not to shy off but to go and show their talents as he appeal to the people in South Sudan who have money to support such initiatives saying that they have a lot of messages to convey to the outside world which will change the negative perception about South Sudan.

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