A foot for thought

South Sudanese should think wise

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Sometimes, it is better to say out what is going on in the country but in a certain situation, it cannot help us much. What is going on in South Sudan is the responsibility of South Sudanese and on top of it is the leadership.

Let us remember the history of this country before doing anything that can harm. If you are the true South Sudanese and know how this country was liberated, work hard for peace than doing things that can harm. The bad histories we have in 2013 and 2016 were enough, we cannot go beyond that.

Human beings can understand than animals, is good that we have educated people in the country they are expected to lead us well. For the reasons that people who are highly educated are to improve the policies instead of thinking about something that could lead to destruction in the country. I wish readers understood me well in this piece of information.

We cannot live from year to year without any positive improvement; I know there are good things done by our leaders that is why this country exists. We need to do more days and see the impact by people and our peacemakers. What is difficult that makes us not to improve from our work? Who makes it difficult to understand?

It is we who complicate things to be difficult, because we are the ones leading the country. Anything planned well from the beginning will end well. We need to learn doing well than bad so that we get blessing from God, because He is a clean master, He wants us to do better for the kingdom of Heaven.

It looks bad if you think by yourselves and you will find them important in your daily work.  Don’t do anything bad which can bring insecurity in the country. Let us be new people in our work and God will bless us.

May God bless us all.

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