South Sudanese should control their anger

Anna Nimiriano
Editor in Chief
Juba Monitor

There are many definitions for the term anger, but the simple meaning is that anger is a devil spirit planted in human beings to do bad things to others. That is to say, with anger you can kill your dear one. With anger you can make destruction in the family, community and the country at large. With anger, you can beat a person with sharp instruments which could lead to death. 

The killing that had happened to the states and the country sometimes back, it was because of anger. Any result of bad things originated through anger, it is because bad actions were done to others.

The question is how can we control anger is what we can look in to it based on the above mentioned points. One of the ways for us to reduce anger is to know the love of God and fear the Ten Commandments of God. These Commandments are guidance to us, so that we cannot do bad things, uncertainly we follow them.

Yesterday, I went to the office of traffic police to follow the issue of our office car; I saw many people who went to follow their matters with anger.  One of the people entered in the office of the investigators, instead of talking with respect, he was quarrelling. The police officers were talking to him; he was still raising his voice loudly making noise to others. May be for him, he was thinking that was the way forward to release anger. He continued quarrelling and beat the person he accused to the police.

I don’t know whether he has in mind that by beating the person in front of police officers his problems would be solved at the same time. He never put in mind that he was violating the law.

What is the reason of beating the person within the compound of the traffic police, if he reasoned well and considered that law could give his right at the end of the day; he could not behave in that manner. It is like he took the law in to his hands. Instead of solving his problems he added another problem on top of what he came for. All this happened because he didn’t control his anger.

Several South Sudanese like fighting, they think it may be part of solution to the problems which is not true.  If someone has done bad to you, have dialogue and come with solutions that could help. You cannot pay bad things with bad action which could create bad image to you.

May God bless us all.

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