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South Sudanese participates in Swahili Fashion Week

Winnie Godi showcasing her design

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Winnie Godi is one lucky South Sudanese fashionita who represented South Sudan in the Swahili fashion week that took place in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania last week.

Friday last week was the moment that the designer had the chance to showcase her own design to other fashion designers including the Confident Woman, Melain Collection and Christmas Clothes.

Swahili fashion week is the biggest fashion event in all of the East African and Central African featuring countries like South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Uganda.

“I dedicate my collections to all my brothers and sisters especially those who are marginalized and suffering women facing sexual violence and everyone facing all kind of injustices,” Winnie Godi told Juba Monitor.

The designer said she had the chance to be interviewed by East African Television and Maski Television where she was asked about the fashion industry in South Sudan.

Godi started designing two years ago and she has launched fashion line called Winnie G fashions, where she creates and makes her own unique styles.


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