South Sudanese Muslim Community celebrates EID EL Mubarak in Kampala

The leadership of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Mufti celebrated the fasting day with joy and happiness before delivering his holy speech to the celebrants.

Muslim leader in Uganda Mufti denounced bloodshed in his Eid El-Fitr message to the celebrants consisting of different Muslim communities which included South Sudanese Muslim members.

The South Sudanese Muslims listened to Mufti of Uganda, His Eminence Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje who sent a powerful message of condemnation regarding the ongoing bloodshed in different parts of the world noting that nations and people involved should abandon fighting and adopt dialogue as the best way of addressing misunderstandings between leaders of the world and find amicable solutions to the political crisis which happened in a particular country.

In his official statement to the media he welcomed South Sudanese Muslims and urged them to feel at home while enjoying Eid in Uganda.

Thousands of Muslims turned up for National Eid El-Fitr prayers at the Ugandan Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) Headquarters in Old Kampala.
Mufti appealed to all world leaders especially those in the Arab world to respect humanity and love their brothers and sisters regardless of their religion or beliefs.

He urged the world leaders to share resources by supporting those who are in need.

“Instead of spending money for weapons that cause bloodshed or millions of dollars on buying weapons, let us use this money to feed refugees and encourage peaceful means of resolving conflicts as well as supporting development initiatives,” Mufti said.
He called upon all citizens to respect Islamic Holy places which should not be politicized or misused.

He appealed to all Muslims in Uganda to be peaceful, law abiding and remain united.

He urged the Muslim youth to desist from all criminal acts and form associations through which they can apply and benefit from the government developmental programs which unite people and move forward.

The Ugandan Mufti prayed for peace and development in Uganda and the safety of President Yoweri Museveni.

“The prevailing freedom of worships Ugandan people are now enjoying in the country,” he said.
The Mufti led the Eid El-Fitr prayers that were attended by among others, his two deputies Sheikh Abdallah Semambo and Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa, the UMSC Chairman Dr. Abdulkadir Balonde, the UMSC Secretary General Haji Ramadhan Mugalu and other UMSC senior management officials. Rt Hon. Isaac Musumba, Assistance Inspector General of Police Asumani Mugyenyi, Maj. Juma Seiko, Haji Tezikuba Sajjabi and Owek, Muhamood Thoban from Buganda Kingdom was in attendance.

South Sudanese Muslims celebrated Eid El-Fitr under the theme let us be united as one South Sudanese Muslims in Uganda and bring back peace to our beloved country South Sudan – a land of milk and honey.

At a political level South Sudanese Muslim community in Ugandan capital Kampala called upon all armed groups to desist from violence and support National Dialogue as the only best weapon to bring about everlasting peace and harmony amongst South Sudanese people.

By Martin Manyiel Wugol




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