South Sudanese musicians picking up -Joy

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudan music industry is picking up so fast, Manager Willy Entertainment Limited, Pretty Joy has said.

Willy Entertainment Limited is to promote local musicians in the country.

Joy said most of the artists in the country are talented but they only lack money to compete with other musicians in East Africa and the rest of Africa.

Pretty Joy in her late twenties told Juba Monitor that it is tough because she manages vigorous artists who are stubborn in their own ways.

Among artists managed by Pretty Joy included MT7, a famous dancehall singer, Tvavy De Tablet and Irene Toss.

Irene Toss is one of the most talented young female artists with a bright future said Joy.

Joy revealed that her role as a manager is to make sure that the artists’ code of conduct, studio time, dress code, appearance in the public, talk shows are all planed and well-coordinated.

“I make sure that I inform them about talk shows, advise, remind them to remain obedient”, said Joy.

Managing artists is not easy but Joy said that one has to be principled and straight forward.

“I am friendly to the artist that I manage because I want them to be free to share the challenges they face, because you cannot sing or compose a song without peace of mind”, Joy said.

Managing artists comes with challenges such as people’s perception of the artists.

Joy said that majority of people think that artists have no future and are wasted human beings.

Other challenges Joy revealed that she faces as a female manager is moving at night during night shows because of the need to monitor her events.

Putting the challenges aside Joy said that she ventured into the artist’s management because of the passion in music.

Joy believes that she is playing her role to the development of the music industry and is ready to take all risks.

When asked whether she makes money from the artist’s management business, Joy told Juba Monitor that there is money in the industry but only depends on how you get it.

“As Willy Entertainment we have embarked on organizing shows across the country because this is where we can make money, though greater percent goes back to the welfare of the artists,” Joy said.

Emma Love, RnB singer described Pretty Joy as a focused manager who wants to see the best in any talent.

“Pretty Joy is one of the kinds who is down to earth and ready to see the best in every talent that comes her way”, said Emma love.

Y Jang, a rapper calls Pretty Joy a great woman ready to mingle in the industry dominated by men.

Pretty Joy took active management of Artists in 2018 and she organized several shows in and outside South Sudan.

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