South Sudanese in Kampala speak out on Independence Day

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

South Sudan became an independent nation on July 09th 2011. The historical day was marked with ululation and tears of joy by many South Sudanese women who bore the brunt of the twenty one year’s civil war. Today, the world’s youngest nation has turned 9-years old.

However, to find out the views of South Sudanese living in Kampala Uganda, Juba Monitor Kampala correspondent caught up with some young South Sudanese to hear from them.

Machit Manyuat, South Sudanese student at Cavendish University said the independence of our country made us proud citizens all over the world despite continues challenges of nation building.

“The Roman Empire was not built in one day, therefore all the challenges and political upheavals shall be resolved politically by the parties’ leaders in the peace agreement to the put country back to peace and prosperity,” he said.

He said the recent appointment of eight state governors and three administrative areas was a positive signal toward the ending of political problems in the country.

Manyuat stressed that the peace was now at hand which can probably allow South Sudan’s economy to improve for young graduates to get jobs and rebuild their lives and the families.

He appealed to young people to stop misuse of social media intended to spread divisive and misleading propaganda messages, adding that peace has already come and our language must be of reconciliation and unity.

Ms. Monica Kiden, a student activist said South Sudanese women support peace and the unity of South Sudanese people irrespective of political alliance.

She said the attainment of the independence of South Sudan was a collective effort achieved by all South Sudanese men and women, “South Sudanese women need equal share in the distribution of national cake such as appointment of state governors with equal opportunities to serve in the nation building.”

Ms. Monica said there should be no gender discrimination by political leaders against their female counterparts.

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