South Sudanese complete Logistics Management training in China

Joseph Mansur Paulino receiving his certificate after the training in China

By Morris Dogga

At least five South Sudanese have completed a three-week Logistics Management training aimed at equipping South Sudan small logistical companies with modern shipping methods.

The 21-days seminar on logistics Management in China for developing countries was also meant to boost cooperation between the Chinese and South Sudan procurement t Companies.

Joseph Mansur Paulino, one of the logisticians who attended the training under the South Sudan-China Friendship Association (SSCHIFA) said the training was beneficial as it provided basic  skills in procurement management.

The participants were also taught on how logistics had developed in China. According to Mansur they learned how the Chinese ship their goods throughout the whole country and to the rest of the world.

He said it was a good idea that young entrepreneurs like him were given the opportunity to acquire new skills.

Mansur further said more opportunities should be given to young hard-working youth so that they can expand their businesses and develop in all aspects.

“If you give the chance to the youth who are really interested in learning then it is a good idea other than sending somebody who is over-aged and the government will not benefit from them for so long time,” he said.

“When the youth are trained to be independent they will employ more young people and it will also relieve the government by reducing the unemployment rate,” Mansur further stressed.

Mr. Mansur said he was optimistic that the skills he learned would help him in the long run though it was difficult to apply in the meantime given the current economic situation.

He appreciated the government of China for helping South Sudan and all the developing countries in the new logistical knowledge.

The training was for 14 countries from Africa and the Euro-Asia countries.

SSCHIFA is a South Sudanese based association focusing focuses on people-to-people relationship between the people of South Sudan and China.

It also links South Sudanese to scholarships offered by the people of China. It deals with private companies and individuals.

Apart from the Education sector the association had also sent South Sudanese students the in areas of Trade and Economic programs, Engineering, Technology and development programs, medical care and public health among others.

Last month SSCHIFA had also sent some young South Sudanese entrepreneurs for training also in China as well as teachers.




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