South Sudanese cautioned against local politics

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala

Greater Bor community converged together with other communities living in Uganda at Springs Gardens Hotel yesterday Tuesday 3/09/2019 to share the importance of peace and togetherness of South Sudanese people as one big family.

Speaking to jubilant citizens, Col. Andrew Kuol Agok invited guest who graced the community function that was attended by entire South Sudanese communities living in Uganda to celebrate the goodliness of peaceful transfer of community leadership from one leader to the person elect to leader community.

Kuol Agok congratulated women of South Sudan for being center of the nation in term of supporting families despite challenges facing the communities given the challenges at hand but the  resilience and patience’s  of South Sudanese women kept families intact regardless of hardship political crisis inflicted on our national economy of the country.

The senior invited guest advised fresh graduates and students as well to humble themselves by accepting and offer in the government institutions and of private sector as well creating jobs opportunities to other people if you have the ability to do so instead of waiting to be appointed minister or director general in the ministry he said.

Andrew Kuol Agok also appealed to young people to respect elders because young people decided to insult their leaders without reasons that bad culture must immediately stop because it will not save the name and the image of our community and the entire nation both regionally and internationally he said.

Majier Abdulla Mabior counselor at South Sudan embassy in Kampala seriously cautioned during Greater Bor community meeting by sending out warning regarding involvement of some few South Sudanese nationals to immediately distance themselves from Ugandan local politics as well as avoiding wearing political colors of Uganda for example wearing People’s Power red beret or hat ,National Resistance Movement yellow beret, blue beret and other national colors that have political implication, therefore desist from those mentioned above for your safety and of the protection of  good image of South Sudan politically because when you are arrested by authorities, South Sudan embassy shall not be responsible for your problem because we warned you about that dangerous unlawful act.

Guest of honor Gen Thiik Bol Giir defense attaché South Sudan embassy in Uganda who spoke on behalf of guest of honor governor of Northern Liech state Dr Joseph Nguen Monytuil who didn’t attended the event but request Gen Thiik Bol Giir to officiate the function on his behalf.

Gen Thiik called on greater Bor community to continue living in peace because living in peace help South Sudan government to plan very well for national development of the communities of South Sudan.

Brig Gen Thiik Bol warned students to be discipline citizens at all time because the culture of violence and unlawful criticism of leaders must stop without reason to why students or disgruntled people blindly insults leaders on daily basis.

Gen Bol congratulated the new leaders elected to the power to lead the community of greater Bor, Duk and other communities respectively in responsible way because community leadership is about taking care of the community affairs nothing else said Gen Thiik.

At the same time, Gen Thiik Bol Giir appealed to community leaders to respect time as embassy prepare as soon as possible to send out official communication regarding time community should conduct their meeting and time to start and time to end from the morning and end exactly at 9 PM Uganda local time to comply with rules and regulations of Uganda laws.


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