South Sudanese “Ayayaa” gospel song hits Juba

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The latest “Ayayaa gospel song” by Samuel Aka Maboto is most hit gospel song in Juba and other big towns in the country.

According to the singers Maboto Ayayaa song means the “cool feeling about God”.

“Ayayaa is an urban gospel praise song to God that I wrote myself and the word Ayayaa simply means a cool feeling just like when a thirsty person started drinking cold water the way he or she is feeling that is the meaning of the song ”, said Samuel.

Samuel expressed that his song Ayayaa was produced by Ugandan most experienced producer, Levixone after producer Neesim of Shot Gun records.

Samuel Maboto is famously known for song like Sawa sawa whose both videos and audios are being enjoyed in the country

However Levixone Lucas the producer said that since music is all about creativity and art Samuel brought his best talents in the Ayayaa gospel song that is drawing the attention of the majority of youth and the Christians in the country.

“In the chorus of the song, the artists express how God’s love makes people Aaaaaai Oh oh oh. Ayayaa which simply means God’s love makes us cool every time we experience it since he is the creator”, said Levixone

Levixone said that the Ayayaa song feature the East African’s gospel Impression.

Levixone Lucas who is the brain behind the East African hit song produced “Turn the reply”, a song that has changed the gospel scene of the people within Africa.

“Neesim has worked on big hits like “very well” by King Saha, Farmer by Ykee Benda and Gutamiza by Weasel and late Radio featuring the triplets B2C”said Levixone.

Ayayaa audio whose video is in progress is also rocking the airwaves of top radio stations in Kampala such as Capital FM, KFM, Hot100, Galaxy FM and other stations in Uganda according to Levixone the producer.

South Sudanese gospel music industry is picking up so fast and the latest to the fraternity is the Ayayaa gospel.


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