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South Sudanese awarded for peacekeeping

By Martin ManyielWugol

South Sudan is a land of potential and talented young people including award winning fellow. Mr. Simon Marot Toulung who was awarded recently for his “Distinguished Award for Service to Refugees and IDPs -Individual Category”.

The awarding event was held under the theme, “Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world”.

The award event was done at the Serena Hotel in Kampala, on 21st September 2021 (International Day of Peace), for distinguished fellas who served refugee and humanity in their capacities as ambassadors for peace and unity among African people.

 Mr. Simon Marot Toulung shared his happiness and joy with Juba Monitor yesterday in Kampala and he had special message for young South Sudanese.

 “For a country to be strong, it must start with the individual contributions towards peace and development. If we perform our individual duties at homes, schools, communities and where we are assigned with commitment and love, we shall make a powerful nation”.

“It does not really matter the level of work or where you work. It is the love for what you do that matter.”

It was what you bring to the table. If we all do our duties well, we would be contributing to the country and peace we wanted to see would be achieved easily because we collectively work for it, said Simon Marot Toulung.

He further went ahead to say, “We are excellent at it, we would not tolerate mediocrity.  We would not take it second options. That way, the system will change. Not even the ministers or the president can give us a mediocre work. We will have that questioned and changed instantly. 

But when we accept mediocrity, we accept work that is halfway done.It becomes a habit and the more people consider it normal, the more we dive deeper into the dark. That is what we are facing now. Many people think what we are getting is an excellent job when it really needs more dedication from all of us.

“At the family, community, Boma, Payam, County, state and the national level, let’s go and do our best at our individual capacity and works for the nation with determination for excellence be our goal. Never settle for less than excellent”.

  Out of 14 guys and institutions awarded was only Simon Marot Toulung South Sudanese winner of “Distinguished Award for Service to Refugees and IDPs -Individual Category”. Among Ugandan people who qualified for award.

Mr.Simon Marot Toulung was the South Sudanese refugee and ambassador for peace in East Africa.

The Peace Gala and Awards 2021 was organized by Uganda Muslim Youth Development Forum and supported by Finn Church Aid.

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