South Sudanese artists uniting to build the Industry


A Group of South Sudanese music stakeholders meeting at Mask Bar and Bistro last Saturday

By Mandela Nelson Denis

South Sudanese artists, musicians and different stakeholders in the Music Industry met on Saturday at Mask Bar Bistro to discuss how they can unite for the development of the sector.

“For a music industry to have copy rights and laws that governs it, it’s best for the different stakeholders to forge ways on how to better it,” said Promoter K2 in an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor.

On Saturday the artists of the country, mainly those based in Juba, met at Mask Bar and Bistro to share ideas on how each can play a role towards the development of the music industry.

Paul Lomu a once Manager of Mask Bar and Bistro welcomed the idea and termed the meeting a good step.

Wiz Chris a singer said “Guys that is the best plan you have done up with. Keep that spirit and please don’t forget to keep the promotions in other states, for example Wau state where people have talents but lack promotion.”

Princess Silvery, manager of Singer Mc Lumoex said that she personally love the idea of coming together to create a better ground for all South Sudanese musicians but her one problem is lack of seriousness on the meeting, she urged that time should be followed.

EK Biggy a singer said that nothing will change unless the promoters wake up explaining that artists have few errors compared to promoters and managers.

South Sudan music industry lacks proper laws and through this meetings the artists hopes to form a concrete union that will fight for the rights of the artists, musicians and other stake holders in the industry.

Emmanuel Kembe a week ago while speaking to Aljazeera said that the country’s music industry lacks copy right.

Samuel Maboto a gospel artist told Juba Monitor that through the meeting that is bringing all players in the industry, he hopes copyright laws will be set.

Singer Super X based in Yambio told Juba Monitor that the fight to perfection of the arts industry largely lies on the government.

“If the government through the concerned ministry is not supporting the artists what do you expect, we need government to come up and support the industry by enforcing laws”, Super X.

Johnson Mike rapper said that once a body that unites all artists in the country is formed, he hopes the industry will boom.

“All we need is a serious body to guide and stand for the rights of the artists”, Johnson said.


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